Apr 24,

animation show!

So I know it’s last minute but I’m headed off to Austin for the premiere of the Animation Show on the 25th. Amazingly the guys from the show invited me to create the opener for the tour this year. Here’s a sneak peak of some screen grabs…

Don’t wanna give too much away yet. Should be good times though. If you’re around Austin come by and tell me what’s what.

Apr 2,


Sorry… I can’t resist sharing though.

claudiufiat rock, rock on!

Mar 19,

dug up this youtube gem

Morcheeba’s “Enjoy The Ride” vs The Sword’s “Iron Swan”

thank you, good youtube citizen robopaul

Feb 19,

king of the jerks

I only grow weaker at blogging, don’t I? I think I have a mental hangup (one of many) dedicating time to blogging when I know there are a million things I need to be doing for clients. I gotta plug blogging back into the priority list though. Or maybe think up more excuses.

Hey so a few newish things:

A video for the mighty Morcheeba’s “Enjoy The Ride”…

Much better QT over here…http://www.onesmallstep.tv/videos/JT_Morcheeba.mov

Thanks to Chris Fox, Todd Schott, Jason Medisky, Darin Bendall, Gene Blakefield, Anton Bogaty and of course the irreplaceable Dan Kreeger at One Small Step for the supreme help out.

And interview with Channel Frederator’s Jeaux Janovsky…

In other news, I’m now being repped in the US by W!LDBRAIN… which is amazing. You know Wildbrain, right? Unreal.

More stuff soonish… no… seriously.


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