Feb 15,

assassin stuff

Uncensored cut
Director: Joel Trussell
Producers for AS: Jason DeMarco, Siobhan Price
Animated at Six Point Harness Animation Studios in Hollywood
Producers for 6PH: Brendan Burch, Andy Fiedler
Character design and storyboard: Saharat “Sah” Tantivaranyoo

Marius Alecse (lead)
Joel Moser
Chris Darnbrough
Brock Gallagher
Kelly Turnbull
Frank Macchia
Adam Scarpita
Lynn Wangz

Animated FX:
Ed Skudder

Tommy Scott (lead)
Carl Beu
Rafael Hurtado
Arthur Loftis
Angelo Vilar

Compositor: Tony Christopherson

Thanks to Chad Quandt

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