Sep 26,

all in a day’s hustle

Just came across these on my hard drive and thought I’d share what you sometimes have to do when pitching a concept
Aug 7,

tyler garrison…

rocking the spot. Prop master…

Not to mention the man makes a mean plushie…
Awesome supreme

check him out over here…
Aug 5,

pushing it

push it from Joel Trussell on Vimeo.

May 28,

here’s a show

May 1,

i wish

Kinda wish this video concept happened. I think it was a good one.
Apr 16,

bad boss

Apr 7,

here’s a thing

Jul 1,

pictoplasma 3

Mr. Wobble’s is included in the new Pictoplasma Characters In Motion DVD which is full of animation by some of today’s most influential and innovative artists around the globe.

Including work by Anima Boutique, Asterokid, BeatBots, Ben & Julia, Nelson Boles, Ryan Cashman, Saiman Chow, Marc Craste, Natalie van den Dungen, Fluorescent Hill, Gangpol & Mit, Yves Geleyn, George Gendi, Stephen Irwin, Joji Koyama, Eric Lerner, Joanna Lurie, Kristof Luyckx, Bruno Mayor, McBess, Marco Morandi, Nagi Noda, Numero 6, Satoru Ohno, Eun-Ha Paek, Partizan Lab, Joseph Pelling, Julia Pott, Paul Rayment, David OReilly, Fons Schiedon, Soandsau, Squeak E. Clean, Ian Stevenson, Kristofer Ström, Studio A.K.A, Takafumi Tsuchiya, tokyoplastic, Trunk, Joel Trussell, Fantasista Utamaro, Volstok Telefunken, Wizz, W+K Tokyo Lab, Lucas Zanotto and more…

If you’re not already familiar with Pictoplasma… you definitely should be

Pictoplasma – Characters in Motion – Vol.3 Teaser from Pictoplasma on Vimeo.


Jun 12,

turkish magazine interview

It’s actually from last year but oh well. Here’s a robo-translated version that’s entertaining in its own rite…

Or you can read it unroboed…

And just so it’s not all text… here’s another reject for the dumpster…

Jun 7,



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