Jun 27,

seattle show and spoiler alert radio

Before I took off for Seattle I had a call to be a part of a radio show on 88.1FM, WELH, Providence, RI, so how could I pass that up? It’s a great show called Spoiler Alert Radio which interviews directors and discusses film and such.


Buckle up for unbridled ramblings.

Hey so have you ever been to Seattle? When it’s sunny outside it sincerely can’t be beat. I guess I missed it pretty bad, but didn’t even know how much until I got back. Gah! Love that place.

Here’s some photographic evidence of the events…

the good Rob May and Rebecca Moline from the Animation Show
photo by Matt Tamaru

@ Flowers in the U-District
artsy photo by Matt Tamaru

from left to right: Anton Bogaty, Matt Tamaru, Rob May,
Rebecca Moline and Tom Deslongchamp
photo by errr… I think Tom

Tom and his wife Jessica Phoenix
photo by Tom… for sure this time

The mighty Troy Parke from Plexipixel
photo by Vicky Tamaru

Long distance shot in my old hood of Northgate.
from left to right: Matt and his wife Vicky Tamaru,
and the Blakefields- Huddle, Esther and boy genius Gene
photo by random passerby guy
with a taste for plenty of negative space

One day I’ll post some drawings again.
Until then…


  • Jun 27,

    Jess and I had great fun getting to know you and everyone. I’ve felt really inspired since then. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

  • Jun 27,

    man, those folks look like they like to PARTAY!

  • Jun 27,
    by Mick

    well now… i am at once enlightened and destroyed… I thought you were a lot more tall thin heavy fat short arse. What a jip… it’s true that you should never meet your heroes or see them in a computer

  • Jun 27,
    by Rafa

    Just saw the Jakob Dylan video…
    You constantly top yourself!

  • Jun 27,

    Can’t wait to see more drawings. I’m so excited after your post. I will be visiting Seattle for the first ever in October, and I really can’t wait.

    joe y elio

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