Dec 4,

tonight in portland

the grassy knoll gallery
123 nw 2nd avenue
2nd floor portland, ore 97209
6-9 PM

Still more work to do this morning. Roll through if you can!


  • Dec 4,

    AAAHHH I wanted to be there! I was unavoidably detained. I’m going to make an appointment to go see it. I looked at the work online and the show looks absolutely wonderful!!

  • Dec 4,
    by Migy

    If I had some money for a plane ticket I would be there. Hope it goes well. The works looking great. Sell lots!

  • Dec 4,

    hey mange…i sooo wanted to be there, but the wife put me on a spending freeze…wee. The stuff looks awesome. How much has sold?

  • Dec 4,

    Hey thanks, talented sirs.

    Matte – Aw man! I was definitely hoping to meet up but I completely understand how it goes. It was hard to talk to everyone at the show as is, you know? Really appreciate the kind words about the work though. Hopefully it’s not my last chance to meet up in person!

    Migy – Ha! Maybe I can get a show out your way someday, eh? Heh. Thanks for the good word, sir.

    Gene – Dude! I hear the whip cracking! I kid. You gotta have someone draw some limits around the house, dontcha? I sold more pieces than I ever expected in this economy, and the posters are actually moving really well. Pretty amazing! I’m awed by it all to be honest. Tell Huddle that posters make great practical gifts for Christmas! sigh

    Hey thanks again!

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