Dec 21,

happy birthday!

So 2005 wasn’t a bad run for me, but I’ve got some really great things lined up for 2006. I’ll reveal much after the New Year. I’m sure you’re giddy with excitement.

Anyway, hope the Holidays are happy for ya. I’ll catchup after the New Year.

Dec 17,

suck and not suck

Suck: My muthafragger server got hacked and it’ll be a few days to get back up. Hackers are so not the awesome.

Not suck: Hey so Pitchfork dug the War Photographer video! Fresssssh. Res was extremely generous in their newsletter as well (although I have no link.) Life ain’t so bad.

Ok and so this isn’t simply a text message alone, here’s some super rough comp work that was changed a bit for a recent project…

Dec 15,

little more process

Super roughs, comp, final. Had some hardcore twinning on slim there. Oh well. Sort of a mix of styles too. Bah!

Dec 12,

keeping it scribbly

Dec 9,

bar scene

Just a quickie concept piece.

Dec 5,


Here’s a collab piece I did a while back with the good Abe Lincoln Jr. for a Wooster Collective project

Here’s a close up for all you lecherous poultry pervs…

Dec 1,

dig desire

One for an upcoming Weekly Dig. Good people over there.

On another note if yer in LA this Sunday, December 4th, go check out “dublab presents…A LABRAT MATINEE : the sequel”. They’ll be playing ye olde War Photographer along with a bevy of shorts n such. I won’t be able to make it myself, but sounds like a winnah!

Read more over here…

Nov 28,


I’m so violent lately. Gotta lighten up.

Nov 23,

f-ball punt

Still cleaning out the dumpster.

Nov 22,

be a pal and vote on plug

Hey so I just found out that the “War Photographer” video is up for the “Video of the Year” PLUG Award. Now I know what you’re saying “OMG OMG OMG WHERE DO I VOTE?!! TELLL MEEEE!!!”


Hey thanks a kagillion for casting some loveness this way. Did I tell you you’re looking extra sharp n crisp today? Daaaag!


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