Feb 16,

more ebaying and displaying

So I won this Gameboy and a webcam at CompUSA, but I really won’t use either one. If you wanna get down on either that’d be great. Click here to see the auction list.

On another note, I’ll be attending the Roll Yer Own film festival in Atlanta this upcoming Tuesday Feb 21st. They’re showing “War Photographer” and doing a little Q&A afterward. Should be cool. Swing by and say “wus’happenin’.”

Hey so I added a few links to some incredible artists as well over in the “digibrethren” section. Defintitely check ‘em out. Also, the good sir Todd Kaufman has posted some of my recent work over on his powerhouse blog and the fine folk of Cold Hard Flash even gave us a shout out. Thanks for the lovin’! I’m excited to be a part of the show and working with such megatalents.

Ok and so to not make this and all text/no art post, here’s a quickie. Stay fresh.

Feb 10,

more teasers

Lately I’ve luckily been busy working on a project with the mighty Neptoon Studios (those kids = ubertalented) so I haven’t had much time to share anything. Due to that, I’ll post yet another teaser image. This one will hopefully be making a much more official appearance in the very near future unless things drastically change. Nothing much to look at currently, but I think he works well once you see the full context.

Anyhow… for what it’s worth, eh?


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