Mar 26,

ready set… dumped

squashed pitch comp

something else… all dumpers

Mar 16,


So I’m knee deep in the midst of a new video. Maybe I can share more about that soon. In the meantime, this is a batch of super quickie wrestler comps… dumped. RIP

Mar 8,

dumpstered t-shirt comp

Nothing much.

Mar 2,

my own rolled

The Roll Yer Own show was greatness. Definitely reminds me of the shows 911 Media Arts Center throw in Seattle. Something fun about seeing all this work that goes largely unseen. Of course I met the very talented and super friendly Ward Jenkins. I tried to absorb as much talent energy as I could when I shook his hand. Also met a gaggle of the great guys from the Harvey Birdman show. I’m terrible at remembering names, but the good sir Steve Vitale let me know that Brian de Tagyos, Darrell Phillips, Bryan Capik, Adam Fuchs, Dan Bodinof, and Nate Pratt were all there and I know I met most if not all.

Shamefully, I’m a face guy not a name guy. It was great meeting all you talented muthas regardless!

Of course I hooked up with my old schoolmates Chris Fox (animator on War Photographer) and Steve Eidson. Two goodfellas that are mighty powerful with the pencil too. Always a pleasure, gents.

The whole thing went well. Glad to have participated. Hope I can stick around longer next time and take some studio tours.

Thanks to Charles Judson from for snapping the suave pic posted above. Sounds like those kids are doing some good things over there, too.

Oh and here’s a rough, comp character recently filed in the round file. See ya, wino!


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