May 25,

anton bogaty’s "coburn"

My long time friend Anton Bogaty ( informed me his new short is completed.

The man is scary talented.

I’ll let him know I’m posting this here, so let him hear it.

May 19,

my apologies

Sorry for the delay. I’d be better off not mentioning these things until after they happen. Anyhow, here’s another image. I know some of you guys have already seen this stuff. One day I swear… fresh content will appear!

Oh yeah and does anyone out there know how to throw together a simple DVD?

May 5,

very close

So I’ve finished up the new video for Coldcut. Just working on a good web version now. Thanks to all who helped out. I’ll give the proper shouts once it’s officially posted. Sit tight!

Oh on a related note… I’ll be taking off to the LA Film Festival where they’ll be showing the War Photographer video. Gonna try and see as many friends as possible while I’m back on ze Left Coast.


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