Nov 30,

squashed onion

To the graveyard, crybaby!

Hey and here’s a run…

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Nov 22,

auction action

I was invited by the honorable FPS Magazine to contribute something for their Canadian Cancer Society Online Charity. So I put a gouache painting up for grabs. Check it all out over here…

Nov 18,

when you’re stressed

A spot I directed went live a few days ago. You can catch it over at Definitely check out the other 4 spots as well. Good times.

For a better version check out

A few credits belong to:
Gene Blakefield- for the help out on the animation
Eric Hermann- most wise producer
Arnold Worldwide- agency of fine taste
and Human Worldwide- for the amazing soundtrack!

Nov 8,

voting season

The fine people of Channel Frederator are doing it up big with an award show, and luckily War Photographer was nominated for a category or two. Loads of other goodness to be found there as well. Have a look over at… and vote for what you like, digifriends.

They were also kind enough to invite me to contribute an illustration for their program as well and thus the illustration above. Good times.

Nov 5,

come back to earth

More development and unseen stuff.

Matt Rodriguez

Some development scribbles

Anton Bogaty

Nov 1,

this island earth

I know I know… I’m a jerk for the blog running so slow lately, but it’s due to good things happening. I love you blog… promise.

Hey if you happen to be in LA, my piece for the Family Guy’s “What The Deuce Are You Staring At!?!” show is debuting November 8, 2006 at The Museum of Television & Radio. CLICK HERE for some info if you’re interested.

In other news, Coldcut’s DVD has dropped so I can share the This Island Earth piece. Here’s a few viewing choices:

Vector QT(best quality/shaky reliability)
Flash file

Best part of working on this was the crew that threw down. Thanks to the supertalents Mark Ackland, Darin Bendall, Gene Blakefield, Anton Bogaty, Jared Deal, Matt Rodriguez and Grant Sligh. Many fine thanks to the Mighty Dan Kreeger of One Small Step and the Incredible Vez Commissioner Extraodinaire!

The word was Coldcut was orginally seeking out a female director for this piece, so I apparently fit the bill nicely.

Here’s some behind the scene artness…

I got that bad mamma jamma Heath McPherson to jump in for some concept art, but he unfortunately had to bail in the end (argh!) One day Heath… one daaaaaaaay! Look at this beauty.

Mark Ackland turned in some incredisketches! His talent cup runneth over. Here’s some sketches that didn’t squeeze in. It was a task just trying to narrow down what to pick from this powerhouse.

More hotness from these and other kids soon.
Hope the vid’s alright. Give me a shout and lemme know what you think.


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