Oct 31,

hipster rejects

Ready? set? no!

Sep 27,

few spots and a shirt

Sometimes I wonder why I bothered to start this thing if I’m going to neglect it so badly. The guilt, the shame, the apathy… it’s a good mixture.

Anyhow, hey here’s some stuff I’ve been working on…

B-Movie-Attack of the Over-Priced Auto Insurance Monster
Here’s a slower yet crisper version here if you have the patience… http://www.joeltrussell.com/esuAttackWeb.mov

Thanks to the good people of Wild Brain for the work and to Anton Bogaty, Gene Blakefield and Chris Fox for their mighty talented hands.

I found this yesterday…

Wish I could post a better version, but I was told these aren’t really supposed to be floating around. If it’s on the YouToob though… heeeeey

Gene once again coming through on the animating help out. Thanks bruvah!

Oh and the mighty Gama-Go’s printed up some shirts I worked up for ‘em…

We designed a sweater too, so maybe that’ll hit the streets soon.

Anyhow, yeah, here’s some really generous words from the very lovely Vez about the Coldcut DVD

Ok so thazzit. Hit me back and let me know what’s up with yourself, netpals.

Aug 15,


So the big Yo Gabba Gabba debut is upon us and Print Magazine did a great article about it all including a few quotes from myself (yes!)…


Good times. In the meantime here’s more monsters that were from the long trail of the Three Headed Monster development…

…aaaaaaaand we’re done

Aug 9,

quick find…

Good times…

Für meine Fans

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more monsters on the way

Jul 31,

you thought we were done with this monster thing?

must… keep… going…

Jul 27,

mo monster

Then it went here… sticking with lizard-like creatures, and I swear I don’t have a thing for vikings. It was per the client’s request…

Jul 12,

monsters and fests

So I took everyone’s advice and hit both the LA Film Fest and Platform in Portland. It was a huge time. Wish I could’ve hooked up with even more people, but the list of people I did meet up with is a long one. Both events are definitely something to check out. Thanks for the advice, fine people of the web.

Anyhow, a few months back I finished up some character design for Nicktoons with a company called Interspectacular in NYC. Since then, they handed the designs and their concepts to an animation crew to slave away for a few months. Looks like they finished up now though, so I’ll post up some of the design evolution.

I started here…

super rough stuff…

May 22,

more drawing, less blabbing… not

Ok so this is mostly a pic blog, right? However since I’ve been slow on the posting I thought I’d share some news and such.

Right now, I’m tying up production on my second piece for Yo Gabba Gabba and beginning my third up. It’s been a fun trip. And despite my sparse blog postings, I’m drawing all the time. Just seems it’s forever something I can’t share yet. I recently did some character designs for Nicktoons and Jetix, rocked a few shirt & sweater designs for Gama-Go’s fall line and boarded some new potential spots for the Nicorette campaign.

In other news, the Los Angeles Film Festival has graciously selected the M Ward video Eric David Johnson and I directed into their program. The ultradope Dublab show has included my Coldcut, Paul Brill and M Ward videos in their lineup, and Platform invited War Photographer into their “Aurally Visual” showcase. Freshness!

What’s weird though is the timing of the LAFF and Platform. Both of these shows are playing within days of each other. I had originally planned on only attending the LAFF, but as the time grows nearer I wonder if I shouldn’t just make the leap and attend both? What would you do, digibrethren? I gotta make a call on that one quick.

Ok so that’s that. Much more in the mix that I can’t jinx yet, but not a whole bunch of complaints from here. Just wish I’d get my head in gear and focus on some more personal work.

Speaking of which… my 40 oz piece is still up for grabs if anyone’s interested. Give me or Mike G a shout, whydon’tcha?

Oh hey and did I ever share this Paul Brill video with you?

scarred muppet in search of fulfillment
Paul’s a super patient and fantastically talented gent. Just a downright amazing person.

Apr 20,

40 show

Painting for the 40 Show in Vancouver. It’s going on tonight April 20th!

Thanks for hosting the show and shooting the flicks, Mike G!

Apr 1,

mo shirts

I know… it’s shamefully dead around here. My blogging skills are lacking, aren’t they?

Hey I made some other M. Ward shirts over HERE.

Hey and do you know about the T-Show?…

How about the 40 show?…

More to come.


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