May 22,

more drawing, less blabbing… not

Ok so this is mostly a pic blog, right? However since I’ve been slow on the posting I thought I’d share some news and such.

Right now, I’m tying up production on my second piece for Yo Gabba Gabba and beginning my third up. It’s been a fun trip. And despite my sparse blog postings, I’m drawing all the time. Just seems it’s forever something I can’t share yet. I recently did some character designs for Nicktoons and Jetix, rocked a few shirt & sweater designs for Gama-Go’s fall line and boarded some new potential spots for the Nicorette campaign.

In other news, the Los Angeles Film Festival has graciously selected the M Ward video Eric David Johnson and I directed into their program. The ultradope Dublab show has included my Coldcut, Paul Brill and M Ward videos in their lineup, and Platform invited War Photographer into their “Aurally Visual” showcase. Freshness!

What’s weird though is the timing of the LAFF and Platform. Both of these shows are playing within days of each other. I had originally planned on only attending the LAFF, but as the time grows nearer I wonder if I shouldn’t just make the leap and attend both? What would you do, digibrethren? I gotta make a call on that one quick.

Ok so that’s that. Much more in the mix that I can’t jinx yet, but not a whole bunch of complaints from here. Just wish I’d get my head in gear and focus on some more personal work.

Speaking of which… my 40 oz piece is still up for grabs if anyone’s interested. Give me or Mike G a shout, whydon’tcha?

Oh hey and did I ever share this Paul Brill video with you?

scarred muppet in search of fulfillment
Paul’s a super patient and fantastically talented gent. Just a downright amazing person.


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