Jul 31,

you thought we were done with this monster thing?

must… keep… going…

Jul 27,

mo monster

Then it went here… sticking with lizard-like creatures, and I swear I don’t have a thing for vikings. It was per the client’s request…

Jul 12,

monsters and fests

So I took everyone’s advice and hit both the LA Film Fest and Platform in Portland. It was a huge time. Wish I could’ve hooked up with even more people, but the list of people I did meet up with is a long one. Both events are definitely something to check out. Thanks for the advice, fine people of the web.

Anyhow, a few months back I finished up some character design for Nicktoons with a company called Interspectacular in NYC. Since then, they handed the designs and their concepts to an animation crew to slave away for a few months. Looks like they finished up now though, so I’ll post up some of the design evolution.

I started here…

super rough stuff…


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