Sep 27,

few spots and a shirt

Sometimes I wonder why I bothered to start this thing if I’m going to neglect it so badly. The guilt, the shame, the apathy… it’s a good mixture.

Anyhow, hey here’s some stuff I’ve been working on…

B-Movie-Attack of the Over-Priced Auto Insurance Monster
Here’s a slower yet crisper version here if you have the patience…

Thanks to the good people of Wild Brain for the work and to Anton Bogaty, Gene Blakefield and Chris Fox for their mighty talented hands.

I found this yesterday…

Wish I could post a better version, but I was told these aren’t really supposed to be floating around. If it’s on the YouToob though… heeeeey

Gene once again coming through on the animating help out. Thanks bruvah!

Oh and the mighty Gama-Go’s printed up some shirts I worked up for ‘em…

We designed a sweater too, so maybe that’ll hit the streets soon.

Anyhow, yeah, here’s some really generous words from the very lovely Vez about the Coldcut DVD

Ok so thazzit. Hit me back and let me know what’s up with yourself, netpals.


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