May 21,

gained the world

Morcheeba graciously asked me back to direct their second single off the Dive Deep album. Luckily I had the grand talents of Eric Kilkenny, Saxton Moore and Darin Bendalllending their animation wizardry as well as a generous tech hand from Sir Todd Schott. Of course Dan Kreeger and posse over at One Small Step were, as always, the finest a production company can be.

Endless thanks to Morcheeba and the label making both videos sincerely good times. Hey lemme know what you think, will ya?

In other news, just started up a new music video and tied up the end for the Animation Show. Did I ever tell you that Eric Kilkenny and Gene Blakefield were a big part of the Animation Show’s opener piece? I’m truly an ass. These guys animate circles around me.

May 10,

animation show and captain dumpers

Say there… check out this trailer for ye olde Animation Show…

Austin’s show was serious fun. Everything went really well. The people running the program are solid gold. I got to chat with the mighty Mike Judge who was very complimentary and generous, which pretty much blew my mind. The whole operation is top notch and that’s no bluff. Good times are guaranteed. Go check them out over here…

Oh hey here are some decorated admirals that were dumped on my hard drive. Rest in peace, cap’ns.


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