Apr 9,

loaders earvaders morituri te salutant

Loaders Earvaders Morituri Te Salutant from PSST! on Vimeo.

I forgot to mention… the good Chris Fox helped animate this one. Thank ye Chris!

Apr 2,

new joeltrussell.com

LA was great as always… met up with tons of talented people. The Flux screening at the Hammer Museum of PSST! Pass It On 3 was crampacked! Went up on stage after the show with Bran Doughtery-Johnson and Brian Gossett to rock a live exquisite corpse which was good times and met up with the Radical Friend crew afterward.

In more recent news though, no longer “coming soon” is the new joeltrussell.com. It was designed by the talent giants Also Design and the code wizardry rocked by No Ponies. Have a look, will ya?


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