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5 stars

YouTube delivers the awesome.

Sep 13,


Pretty late on posting this, but this is what my July was all about. It’s my first stab at directing live action so let me know what you think.

Here is the crew that helped pull it together:
Production Company: Partizan LA
Director: Joel Trussell
Producer: Cynthia Shreves
Editor: Michael Samstag
DP: Todd Somodevilla
1st AD: Angel Rosa
Animators: Anna Hollingsworth, Mike Hollingsworth, Crystal Stromer, Gene Blakefield, Eric Kilkenny, Anton Bogaty
Colorist: Tony Corapi

Many other mighty players involved in making this possible like the good Bryan Younce, Jeff Pantaleo, and the even the legendary Rick Rubin. This list is long and each player was totally vital! It was mostly a new process to me, but it was crazy fun to work out. I’d be anxious to try something like this again. Anyone need balloon headed rollerskaters out here?

A few other items of news:
1. I’m now repped by the goodfolk at
2. I moved to Los Angeles.
3. I want to work for you.

Sep 11,


Hey there… remember me? I didn’t think so.

Here’s a project that Genndy Tartakovsky and the good folks at the Orphanage Hollywood started up for Arnold Worldwide. I was brought in to take the animatics and finish them up for the internets. Good times.

Minis Launch from Sig Gross on Vimeo

The Sig Gross and the team at Arnold are always golden, and who can deny the Orphanage Hollywood crew?


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